Sunday, July 20, 2014

Contest Winners Announced!

I finally had the opportunity to get all of the entries into the randomizer and I just randomized them 21 times. Before I announce the winner, lets take a look at the list of people who entered, and how many entries each person had. 

Now that we took card of that, let's announce the winners! 

Actually, before we do that, let me reiterate one of the primary rules that I have for all of my contests: You cannot win more than once. That basically means there will be 9 unique winners, because there are 9 different prizes. That being said, we can finally get on to those winners!

There was no nice looking way to organize those images, so I apologize for the unkempt look. 

Congratulations to Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown for winning first prize this time around! Becuase Skroeker appeared twice in the Top 9, I removed their second entry and moved up the 10th place entrant. 

EDIT: Apparently cpuJesse also appeared twice in the Top 9, but I missed it in my initial read through. The image is a bit off, but Ruben Lipsyzc moved into the Top 9. 

Here is a list of the winners that is a little easier to read.

3. Caitlin Jennings
4. cpuJesse (Section 117)
5. Skroeker
6. Weston (Fantastic Catch)
7. Bo Rosny 
8. Matthew Wilson (Tenets of Wilson)
9. Ruben Lipsyzc

If you are a winner, please email me ( a list of which prizes you would like, in order, by the 25th of July. You can visit this link to revisit the prizes I am giving away. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered! I plan on holding another contest (albeit a little smaller) as soon as school starts. 

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