Thursday, February 18, 2021

Heritage from 2020 but not 2020 Heritage (well, one)

This week I received a few trade packages from fellow friends and bloggers, my first of 2021. Considering it's been nearly six months since I last saw cards in the wild, finding bubble mailers and card-filled envelopes in the mail is quite exciting. I'm still looking to get my hands on my first 2021 cards of the year, but an incoming package from a recent Nachos Grande box break should scratch that itch.

I'll get to the contents of those packages soon enough, but I still have plenty of trades and purchases from 2020 I need to get posted. So that's where we'll start. 

Topps Flagship and my PCs have been the central focal points of my collection since I started collecting nearly a decade ago. I'm steadily working my way through Flagship--I have about 55% of all Dodgers at the moment--and I'm always adding new cards of my favorite dudes. Last year I decided to throw Topps Heritage in the mix, and a large portion of the new cards I picked up in 2020 helped kick off that chase. 

Shortly after posting about my decision to chase Heritage, a few trades formed and lots of new Heritage cards quickly made their way to me in New Jersey. In fact, all of the cards you see in this post come from the wonderful Mr. Haverkamp, a blogging staple. 

Mr. Haverkamp found cards I needed from 11 different years of Heritage, though considering I had next to no Heritage cards in my possession upon this announcement, I suppose it's not that surprising. Let's take a look at some of the fun stuff that came my way (in random order since Blogger is apparently dreadful to work with when it comes to formatting images). 

Lots of fun stuff here. I don't miss the old team photo cards at all. It's tough to actally make anybody out and they're not particularly fun to look at. I prefer the team card treatment we've seen in recent Topps sets. 

Card backs don't get as much play as they deserve, so let's take a look at a smattering of those as well. 

I think the Darvish back is the easiest to read, but I do enjoy the few cards with middle names on the backs. What are your favorites? 

Thanks for the cards, Mr. Haverkamp!


  1. Always a fan of the '56 Topps card back layout.

  2. This is my favorite game and i like your all photo.

  3. Topps has consistently done a nice job with the card backs in Heritage. Looking forward to seeing the '72 backs in this year's set.