Sunday, July 6, 2014

Updated Contest Efforts

UPDATE: A big thank you to everybody that has entered so far. Many of you have completed every entry type so far (too early for cards in the mail) and I appreciate the pimpage. 

As many of you may have already seen, I posted about the Topps Chrome Box Break yesterday, so be sure to sign up if you are interested. 


I've been meaning to hold more contests recently, but it seems to slip my mind whenever I start to draft a post. My birthday is coming up this weekend, so I figured now would as good a time as ever to hold another contest.

I am doing this contest a little bit differently this time around, as I really enjoyed the method that Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown used in his recent contest.

That means there will be 9 prizes this time around, with a little something for everyone. (The prizes will be announced below.)

How to Enter
(1 entry) - Subscribe to the blog. You must comment that you are a subscriber to earn the entry. There is a nice blue button over to the right, so feel free to click on it. 

(1 entry) - Comment on this post. I don't really care what you comment, so but be sure to include that you are a subscriber to earn that entry.

(1 entry) - Pimp this contest on your blog. Make sure you comment the link to the contest. 

(1 entry) - Pimp this contest on Twitter. Either comment with a link to the tweet, or tag me (@chavezravining) in it. 

(Even more entries) - Like Gavin's contest, send me cards for additional entries. You can send me cards I don't already have from: my primary guys like Kemp and KershawRyu, or Beltre and Green; my secondary or tertiary PC's; Topps Chrome RainbowTopps Team Set Project or any of my other Set Needs. 

There will be a 10 entry max. Any cards you send me will count as 1 entry each, up to 10.

The contest will run until 11:59 pm PST on 7/15/14. Any and all cards you send my way for extra entries must be here by that date to receive extra entries. 

The grand prize is your choice of team (except the Dodgers) in a box break plan on holding for 2014 Topps Chrome when it is released. You can check out more info on the box break here. Of course, the 1st place winner doesn't have to take the spot in the break if they would rather have one of many more prizes below.

Here are the rest of the prizes.

1 & 2. 1982 Topps K-Mart 20th Anniversary MVP Series 44-Card Complete Set (x2)

I picked up two complete sets of this fabulous set from my LCS a few months back. It was just one of those posts that I never got around to. I didn't realize that I had two complete sets until I was double checking that I had one complete set. This prize is up for grabs twice.

3. Purple Refractor Paradise

Another winner will enjoy these Barney colored refractors from various players and products. The Adam Dunn and Kris Hall cards are #'d /199.

4. NBA Hits

Everything here is #'d, with the exception of the Shane Battier relic. 

5. USA Baseball Relics
Cool cards. Not the biggest names. 

6. Carl Crawford Jersey/Auto

Hard to see, but the card is #'d 40/75. 

7. 2013 Topps US Robinson Cano Photo Variation

I had this card on my eBay for so long that I forgot about it. I eventually remembered and now you have the opportunity to take it home. 

8. Bowman Mini Lot

Finally, a 5-card lot of various mini refractors from 2013 and 2014 Bowman products. 

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