Topps Team Set Project

I have decided to put together every Dodgers team set from Topps dating back to when the first set came out in 1952. This will not be an easy task, I am especially skeptic on the vintage cards, but it will be a fun journey nonetheless. I don't have a date I want to complete this by, though I don't plan on sitting back and letting the cards come to me either.  I will try to pick up a majority of the cards from my LCS or trades. I will obviously have to buy some cards online, but a hopefully a majority of the junk wax and new age cards will come without me actually spending any money. 

I will be adding my needs by the decade. I will do my best to stay as up to date as possible. If you'd like to send some cards my way I'd appreciate it. I'll add more info about this as it comes available, but most updates will be found in my posts.

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