Thursday, July 10, 2014

PC Madness

Another day, another trade post. I recently completed my first trade with reader Scott. I got a ton of cards for my various PC's, but I will just show off a couple.

My favorite card of the bunch was a sweet card featuring both Adrian Beltre and Ichiro. I've long known Ichiro with Suzuki attached to the back of his name, but it seems like he simply goes by Ichiro. I don't think fans need a last name to recognize one of the greatest hitters of the 21st century, however. One thing I like about this card is the expression Beltre has. It is fairly common with him, but he looks like he is about to bust up laughing. The card comes from 2006 Topps Changing Faces, a set I am unfamiliar with, and is #'d 48/75.

Scott sent 28 new Manny cards my way, but I decided I would only scan one. I'm not quite sure what draws me to this card, but I'm digging it.

Also included in this sweet deal were three cards of Manny's former mashing partner, David Ortiz. This card would be perfect for my now absolved Pimping Dingers collection, but fits nicely into my Big Papi binder.

I wasn't kidding when I said Scott sent a ton of PC cards my way. He included four new Green cards for my binder, while simultaneously pushing my Green collection over the century mark. Clayton Kershaw also reached that impressive point earlier this week, and my Beltre PC is only 8 cards away. I certainly didn't see my collection growing quite as fast as it has over the past 9 months during my time in the blogging world. 

I've always had a soft spot for Beltre, which helped propel the card featured at the top of this post to my favorite of the package. Otherwise, the sweet Martin card on the left may have taken the crown. It features Martin is his original number 70 jersey, which was later changed to 55. I decided to take a look at Martin's Baseball Reference page for some jersey number history, only to find it doesn't list the number 70. Greg is my go to guy when it comes to Martin, so maybe he'll be able to clear up the confusion. 

I'll finish this post up with a threesome of Hanley Ramirez cardboard. Blogger has been taking so long to upload pictures recently, that Hanley probably pulled a hammy while I was waiting. Scott sent over 15 Hanley cards if my counting is correct, and they are all new additions. The cognac parallels from 2011 are personal favorites of mine, and the "vintage" Hanley on the far right is most dope. 

I decided to pen this post before updating my player pages, and considering it is already 2 am, I am unsure if I will finish those up tonight. 

Thanks again for the trade Scott! Hope we can do it again sometime soon. 

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