Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Chance to Enter the Contest!

I did not have the time to get cards scanned and get a post up today. However, being that it is the last day to enter my contest, I figured a last second heads up was in order. So here it is:

It is your last chance to enter the contest!

Remember, there are 9 total prizes including a spot in my 2014 Topps Chrome 4x Box Break, a set of 1982 K-Mart 20th Anniversary cards, numerous refractors, and a quite a few relics and autos. 


On a side note, I still have 9 spots open in my 2014 Topps Chrome Box break. I will be busting 4 hobby boxes of the product, and each spot you buy will include the team of your choice and a random team after all spots have been filled. Each spot $25 bucks, which includes shipping. The sooner I can fill up the spots, the sooner I can preorder the boxes. If you are interested, just leave a comment on this post, or the post I linked to at the beginning of this block of text. 

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