Saturday, December 28, 2013

Introduction to the RCD: 1995 Mike Piazza

I scanned a few cards I found while searching through some older stuff in my Dad's shed. I'll occasionally post a scan of these cards. I plan on calling this Random Card of the Day, or RCD. This will be the first post in the RCD series.

RCD Posts are opportunities for you to get Chavez Code Points!

Simply leave a comment with an interesting story you may have about this particular card, or a story that has something to do with the player. Just about anything you say about the featured  player can get you points. 

The comment system allows you to "vote up" a comment. The comment with the most upvotes will get the most points. Anybody with a cool story will get points, so don't hold back. This point system relies on you, the readers, to make this work. 

If anybody has any suggestions about this, let me know. 

The first card in this series is a 1995 Topps Mike Piazza #110

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