Sunday, December 15, 2013

Matt Magill Gold and the Quest for a Topps Chrome Rainbow

2013 Topps Chrome #110, #'d 29/50
In a perfect world, I would own every parallel of every Dodger from 2013 Topps Chrome. But, this isn't a perfect world, and I simple do not have the funds available to complete that project. However, even with limited funds, I will do my best to complete that goal. There are 10 Dodgers in 2013 Topps Chrome, all with 12 different parallels if you don't include the super or printing plate, and some are obviously easier to attain than others. For example, this Gold Matt Magill could be shipped to my doorstep for about 3 dollars, whereas a Gold Puig would set me back 150 bucks.

My point is that I will probably never reach my goal of having every Dodger parallel from this set, but it is my goal to get as close as possible. That goal continues today with the Gold Matt Magill, #'d 29/50. I broke a box of Chrome yesterday, and this is probably the most valuable thing in there, to me at least. Darin Ruf and Didi Gregorious base autos were also included, which have both been added to my Trade Bait/Prize List. This is my first Gold Dodger from this set and my current collection is listed below. 25 points and a hit of your choice will be awarded to anybody that can help me out with any of the #'d parallels. 10 Points to anybody that can help out with any of the non-numbered parallels. As always, I am welcome to trading for what you have as well.

These are what I own

Refractor: Paco, Kemp
X-Fractor: Puig, Ryu
Purple: Gonzo
Black #'d /100: Kemp, Kershaw, Ryu
Sepia #'d /75: Kemp
Gold #'d /50: Magill
Red #'d /25: Paco

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