Friday, December 6, 2013

Flash Back To One Of My 1st Autos

2011 Tier One OR-DG

Dee Gordon graces the front of this stylish card #'d 943/999. It was one of the first autos I bought off of eBay about a year ago, and probably cost around 5 bucks. The auto looks to me like it says "D Style", which would make a sick moniker. It's from 2011, a time in which the excitement surrounding Dee was obviously much greater than it is today. He has yet to improve on his defense or his hitting ability and time is slowly running out. The saying goes "You can't teach speed", though Gordon has yet to learn much else. I still have hope he can carve out a decent career for himself, but unless he improves his defense he won't be able to hang on to a major league spot. 

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