Saturday, May 17, 2014

Highlighting a Few Fantastic Blogs Pt. 7

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I will continue to highlight some of the blogs that deserve more traffic and eventually work my way up to the bigger blogs.

All Trade Bait, All the Time

Another blog I have been waiting to include in this series is All Trade Bait, All the Time. It is run by a fellow Dodger fan and blogger, which some may know as Stealing Home. On top of the awesome Dodgers cards he displays, you may see awesome pictures like the Vin Scully bobblehead banner he has going on right now. Like the name implies, there is always trade bait so don't hesitate to visit his blog and swing a deal. 

Tomahawk Empire

Probably one of the newest blogs on the block, Tomahawk Empire is run by my good friend Brad. Brad primarily PC's John Smotlz, but he does collect other Braves greats such as Chipper Jones and young studs like Freddie Freeman. His blog doesn't just focus on cards though, as he does talk a little baseball from time to time. He predicted the Tigers beating the Dodgers in the World Series this year, which is bleghhh. Anyways, head on over and say hi. I am sure he would appreciate getting connected with some more bloggers. 

Royals and Randoms

The final blog I will be highlighting today is one I ran across about two weeks ago. I don't see too many Royals blogs, so finding this was a nice surprise. Shortly after following, Josh (I think he runs the blog) ran a contest that I have yet to see before. It was called Baseball Sheep, and the point was to follow the rest of the pack. Josh asked a ton of cool questions, and although I didn't win, I had a great time reading some of the responses. I plan on reaching out to Josh in the next few weeks to work out a trade, but until then I will send some viewers over his way. 

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