Thursday, April 17, 2014

Highlighting a Few Fantastic Blogs Pt.5

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I will continue to highlight some of the blogs that deserve more traffic and eventually work my way up to the bigger blogs.

Foul Bunt

If you haven't visited William's fine blog, Foul Bunt, you are missing out. I met started talking with William a few months back, and he is one of my favorite people in the card community. We have been sending each other cards back and forth for awhile now (I actually have some cards ready to go out to him on Monday), which is always a cool thing to have. If the incredible card above didn't give it away, William collects Orioles. He also collects autographed baseballs, however he is toning his collection back to just HOF autos. Head over to Foul Bunt, you won't be disappointed. 

That GIF says it all. I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with Gavin yet, though we may work something out soon. Baseball Card Breakdown is one of my favorite blogs to visit, and not just because of all the fancy moving pictures. Gavin has some genuinely awesome posts over there, including an awesome series about the "Homer at the Bat" episode of the Simpsons. Be sure to check it out!

The final blog of the post is One Man's Junk Wax run by Jeff. In case you couldn't make out Mike Trout from above, Jeff is an Angels collector. As the blog name implies, Jeff has a love for junk wax. He sent me a ton of Dodgers a while back and I am sure he may be able to help out your junk wax needs as well. Head over for a great read, and work out a deal while your there.

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