Friday, March 21, 2014

Highlighting a few Fantastic Blogs Pt. 3

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So I decided to change up the name of this series. It was previously called "Highlighting a few Underrated Blogs", but with so many good blogs out there it is tough to really consider any of them underrated. I will continue to highlight some of the blogs that deserve more traffic and eventually work my way up to the bigger blogs.

Fantastic Catch

I'll be honest. Weston's blog was a big influence is changing the name of this weekly series. Like the name suggests, Weston's blog is a fantastic catch. A Cardinals fan (Ucckk!), Weston PC's some of their young studs, including Joe Kelly and Lance Lynn. He is also on a mission to collect every rookie card out there from 2010 to present. Check out his blog and be sure to give him a follow.

Big 44 Sports Cards

If that sweet looking McCutchen auto doesn't convince you to check out Nate's blog, I don't know what will. Nate is a Pirates fan and is on the lookout for sweet bucs to add to his collection. He is also trying to complete the 2013 Topps Chrome all blue parallels. Those cards are #'d /199, which means that Nate's quest won't be the easiest in the world, but is still attainable. Head over and see if you can help him out.

Playing With My Cards

Last but not least, we have Ethan who runs Playing With My Cards. I recently stumbled upon Ethan's fantastic blog, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Who doesn't love bubblegum cards? Ethan, like myself, collects Dodgers, though that is hardly the end all to his collection. He has some awesome mini collections including Getting a Grip, 42, The Turtleneck Collection, Mmmmmm... Doughnuts!, and his Birthday Cards. Be sure to head over and check it out. 

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