Thursday, March 13, 2014

Highlighting a Few Underrated Blogs pt. 2

To see my Pt.1 of this series click here

Johnny's Trading Spot

You'll hear a little bit more about John later this week when our most recent trade post goes live, but just know that John is an awesome guy. Seriously, if you don't check out John's blog you are doing yourself a serious injustice. As you can see from the picture, John is primarily a Braves guy, though he does have quite a few interesting mini collections. Including Causing a Stir, Playn Dirty, Turning Twos, and my favorite Shadow Shots. Be sure to check it out.

Uncle Charlie and the Public Enemy No.1

Don't let that Ruth fool you, this is another Dodger blog. In fact, it might just be the newest one out there. I'd like to say that I helped influence Evan start up the wonderfully named blog, but I'd rather not take credit. I "met" Evan on Twitter and eventually we started talking about cards. He has decided to get back into collecting after being out of the game for quite some time, so be sure to help him out. I'm sure there are a ton of cards he would love to trade for. 

Need More Cardboard

Need More Cardboard is run by Andrew, another fantastic blogger. Like John, Andrew is primarily a Braves collector. It seems to me that the blogosphere is full of nothing but Braves and Dodgers bloggers. Andrew also has a penchant for the 90's - but then again,who doesn't. I've traded with Andrew before, and from all accounts he is a great guy.

I guess I'll make this a weekly ritual, posting about three blogs at a time. Eventually I will get to the blog powerhouses, but I'll stick to smaller ones for now. Thanks again for reading!

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