Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Topps Chrome Rainbow: Two New Parallels and a Few More Bases

While writing this post I realized this is my first post with an Andre Ethier label. I managed to find time for Nick Punto, Matt Magill, and Onelki Garcia cards, but not an Ethier. It's probably due to the fact that I didn't think he'd still be around. I still don't think the Dodgers head into the season with four healthy, high-priced outfielders, all capable of starting, but I've been wrong before. Onto the cards!

I received four packages in the mail today. Two from fellow bloggers Judson and Matthew, and two from eBay purchases. Judson and Matthew, who run My Cardboard Habit and Dodger Penguin, respectively, sent me some base cards I needed for my 2013 Topps Chrome Dodgers team set. I'm still short a Paco base, as well as a Ryu base card. I'm throwing out 5 points per base card to both Judson and Matthew, as well as anybody that can help me out with my two remaining needs. 

Judson also added a Matt Magill X-Fractor.

eBay package #1 contained another parallel to help me conquer the Topps Chrome Rainbow. 

The first Ethier parallel is now taken off the board. This Orange parallel also leaves me with five more to acquire.(Ryu, Puig, Kershaw, Magill, Crawford) The odds of me obtaining a Puig for a reasonable price right now are equivalent to the Dodgers trading Matt Kemp for David Price. It ain't gonna happen. I'll certainly be looking, but the Puig parallels are not a huge priority at the moment. 

Just to clarify for those out there reading and myself. Base cards from this set are worth 5 points. Non-#'d parallels are worth 10 points. #'d parallels are worth 25 points, as well as a card of your choice from my Trade Bait. Point totals will be updated shortly for the two fantastic gentlemen above. 

A post on eBay package #2 will be up shortly. I want to eat some lunch before rambling on about cards again.

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