Monday, December 30, 2013

Topps Chrome Rainbow: Three New Additions

I've been out of town for the past few days, unable to post about cards. I came home today to a large number of PWE's, bubble mailers, and boxes all filled with cardboard. It will take me a little time sorting through everything but it will all be up soon.

I'm starting out with three new additions to my Dodgers Topps Chrome Rainbow Quest. All three came from different people, one coming via trade. I'll discuss that tomorrow though.

Another Dodger outfielder, means another new label. Carl Crawford joins the blog in the form of an X-fractor and Blue parallel. I beleive these are my 1st two parallels for the newly engaged CC. In addition to Crawford, Matt Kemp joins the party with parallel number 7/12. I came close to acquiring the camo parallel for Kemp on eBay a few days ago, but did not come away with the winning bid. I was leading all week, but with about 3 minutes left until the auction a customer walked into my office forcing to move away from my computer and the auction. I returned moments later to see that I had been outbid at the last second, and lost it for a measly 50 cents. I wasn't very happy, but there are worse things in life then losing an eBay auction. #BlameCustomers

There will be quite a bit more posts coming in the near future. Probably most coming tomorrow, I don't really feel like getting into more stuff tonight. Don't forget to enter this week's contest to win three Bowman Silver Ice cards. Use the hashtag #BeatGreg on twitter with any post and receive an extra entry while you're at it.

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