Monday, December 2, 2013

Red Hot Kemp

2013 Topps Tribute TTSR-MK

Just wow. I honestly cannot describe the beauty of this card. The scan looks great, but it is phenomenal to see in person. #'d 1/10, this was had for rather cheap off of eBay. It does not fit into the one-touch I bought for it, so I will have to figure out another way to store it for now. It came all the way from South Korea, and was well worth the extra waiting time. The patch is pretty cool, and my guess is that it is coming from the loop of the 'g' from the front of the jersey. As I continue to gloss over this card, I cannot help but be more thrilled for the upcoming season. When Kemp comes back healthy, I hope he is ready to show the world the true capabilities of Beast Mode.

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