Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mystery Contest #2 - OVER!

UPDATE: The contest was over before it began. Nate of Big 44 Sports Cards correctly guessed the mystery card. Enjoy your 2013 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor of Shin-Soo Choo, #'d 92/199. A new contest will be up shortly.

Because I had so much fun watching all of you struggle last time, I have decided to run another mystery contest. This one will be slightly harder and the clues won't be as easy. That is because you have to work to get the clues! Bahahahahah.

Based off of the contest from DodgerPenguin, participants will be forced to answer a question. Once somebody correctly answers the question, the clue will be revealed to all.

Clues are not only going to be available by correctly answering questions. Throughout this site, there will be multiple hidden clues. These hidden Easter eggs will be hidden (rather easily and obvious) throughout my home page and other pages. The clues that are hidden throughout the site are only available to those who find them. The clues will only apply to the name of the player. As a matter of fact, there is a clue hidden in this post.

To win the card you will need to correctly guess the Player and the Type of card. (Relic, Auto, or #'d) The questions will have nothing to do with the card I am giving away. Those that correctly answer the question will also be awarded a point.

Question 1: Who wore the #27 for the Dodgers before Matt Kemp?

Answer: James Loney. He wore it in 2006. Answered correctly by 2 people. Both will be awarded a point at the end of the contest.

HINT #1: This person does not play for the Dodgers.

Question 2: What was the expression commonly used when Eric Gagne when came in to close out games?

Answer: GAME OVER. Answered by Nate.

HINT #2: This player bats left-handed.

Question 3: The Dodgers once had caps that were not the standard blue and white. What year was this and what color were the hats?

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