Monday, December 16, 2013

A Quest For The Chrome Rainbow: Matt Kemp Sepia

2013 Topps Chrome # 20, #'d 33/75

Well this certainly looks better in person then it does through the scan. This is my 1st sepia parallel from 2013 Topps Chrome, and my 1st sepia card period. It is another addition to my Matt Kemp PC, as well as my newest quest for all the Dodger parallels from 2013 Chrome. I picked up 5 more parallels off eBay last night, though all are retail parallels and didn't cost too much. I'll be sure to post about those as soon as they are in hand. 

I still don't think I will complete the entire rainbow for every player, but Matt Kemp is a must. I have 3/12 so far and will be keeping an eye out for more. In fact, completing this Kemp rainbow is so important to me that I will double the reward for anybody that can come up with any of the parallels I need. So, 50 points and two hits to whomever can pass on a #'d Kemp parallel to me, and 20 points for a non #'d parallel. (I still need the base too!). Of course, all of these points are in addition to whatever trade we can work out for the particular card, so help a fellow card enthusiast out. 

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