Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Contest Winners!

After nearly a month of comments, follows, and pimps, it's time to announce the contest winners. After tallying everything up, there were a total of seventy-one entries from thirty-two different folks, and the blog gained ten new followers. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter and read.

Now let me recap a few details before we get to the winners. Per Sports Cards Collectors' comment on yesterday's post, I will be randomizing the list of names seven times. Your place on the list will coincide with the prize number (i.e. the fifth name on the list will get Prize #5). The goal is to spread the prizes out as much as possible, so each winner will be eligible for only one prize--if a name pops up more than once in the top 15, that person will get the prize associated with the first number and and everyone else will move up one number. Finally, there will be fifteen prizes total, including five prizes I added today. 

One last important note: if you are one of the listed winners, please email me with your name and address ( Feel free to also include the team/players you collect or a want list, and I'll do my best to toss in some extras. 

Now on to the winners! 

After randomizing the list seven times, we get the following fifteen names. Matt over at Diamond Jesters landed in the Top 15 twice, so we're extending the list of winners down to Swing and a Pop-Up at 16. 

Prize #1 - 2020 Topps t206 Series 1 Box/Pack (Peter @ Baseball Every Night)

Prize #2 - Allen & Ginter Relic Lot (Fuji @ The Chronicles of Fuji)

Prize #3 - Bowman's Best Mookie Betts Blue Parallel #'d/150 (Gavin @ Baseball Card Breakdown)

Prize #4 - First Edition HOF Baseball Hall of Fame Heroes 12 Card Set (Matt @ Diamond Jesters)

Prize #5 - 2019 Topps Hi Tek Lance McCullers Jr. Autograph (Bo @ Baseball Cards Come to Life!)

Prize #6 - Assorted Pink Refractors from 2018 Topps Chrome (Comatoad @ Comatoad on Cards)

Prize #7 - 1988 Donruss Baseball Hanger Pack (Rod @ Padrographs)

Prize #8 - 2019 Topps Hi Tek George Springer Green and Purple Parallels (GCRL @ Cards as I See Them)

Prize #9 - Topps Gold Label Blue Parallels (Nate @ Bucs Stops Here) (Matt from Diamond Jesters already won prize #4)

Prize #10 - 10 Cards from 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Set (Jafronius @ A Pack to be Named Later)

Prize #11 - Assorted #'d cards, including the three seen below (Bret Alan) 

Prize #12 - Moncada and Votto Relics (The Angels in Order)

Prize #13 - Mother's Day and Father's Day #'d Parallels - (Adam @ Infield Fly Rule)

Prize #14 - Thames and Abreu Manufactured Relics (Madding @ Cards on Cards)

Prize #15 - Bryce Harper lot, including those in the scan below (Swing and a Pop-Up)

Congrats to the winners! Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to enter! 


  1. Thank you, that 88 donruss hanger pack will look good next to my 1988 Topps hanger pack.

  2. Sweet! A sharp new Mookie for my PC.

  3. Awesome! Thanks so much for the contest! Great to have you back on here!

  4. Excellent! Always happy to pick up some SN cards...Félix Hernández is certainly a great place to start! Thanks, and congrats to the other winners.

  5. Congrats all, guess 7 wasn’t my lucky numbwr

  6. Woo! Thanks again for the contest! E-mail coming shortly!

  7. Congrats to all of the winners! Thanks for the contest, Alex.

  8. Thanks for the contest, sir!