Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Surprise From Foul Bunt

William of Foul Bunt and I have swapped cards so many times now that I have lost count of how many trades we've completed. We are in the game of dropping surprise packages on each other from time to time (I think I owe him some cards!), and another package hit me earlier this week.

In a package of nothing but Dodgers, this 1969 Willie Davis stood above the rest. The scan does no justice to this beauty (as usual), and the card looks a little less faded in person. I'm not too worried on the condition of these vintage cards, so feel free to send your jacked up vintage my way.

This actually marks my 4th Dodger card from '69, and it seems my stack of vintage is slowly growing. I am hesitant to stick these old cards in a binder along with my other team sets. Maybe top loaders for all of my vintage? 

How do you store your vintage team sets?

We now move to the more present day stuff with a couple of blood rain parallels of my favorite LA pitchers. Unfortunately, Chad Billingsley may have already thrown his last pitch as a member of the Dodgers. 

As I have mentioned in the past, I know very little about Topps Archives. However, I do know two things: Topps is very lazy with the product and there is some type of autograph or insert set for fan favorites. If that is correct, then we may be seeing A.J Ellis doing some signing for Topps in about 15 years. 

Finally, William sent over two awesome minis from S2. I am a HUGE fan of these minis, but they are hard to come by. I was tempted to add these to my player binders, but I am instead adding them to my stack of minis from 2014 Flagship. I still have a page long list of cards I need to complete the mini set, so feel free to throw any extras my way.

Thanks again for the cards William. I have a stack of O's getting ready to head your way.  

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