Sunday, June 22, 2014

Received: Baseball Cards

I reached out to Howard at Wanted: Baseball Cards a while back. We exchanged addresses and I recently received a small flat rate box full of cards.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever received so many cards in a single trade before. Howard nearly knocked out my set needs (minus the high number SP's) for 2014 Heritage. Speaking of Heritage, I am still trying to complete the set from last year. Check out what I need here

Included were two awesome Dodgers that I need for my set.

Of course, Howard's trade package did not only include Topps Heritage. He went above and beyond and sent me numerous different team sets from various products from about the past 20 years. The fact that I am still not done sorting them after a few days of receiving them goes to show how great this trade package really was.

Howard went even further and included a few cards that I absolutely loved. 

First is this sweet Bowman Chrome card hailing from 2008 featuring Dodgers second baseman, Devaris Strange-Gordon. He is better known as Dee Gordon and he is the son of long-time pitcher,  Tom "Flash" Gordon. The back of this card however lists Tom Gordon as his uncle. 

Next up is this fantastic card of Shawn Green. Although the picture used in this card was used on other Topps products, this is a new addition to my Shawn Green PC.

As is this. In fact these two cards pushed my Shawn Green PC up to 95 cards. Let's see if I can pull off an awesome acquisition for number 100. 

Thanks again for the cards Howard. I hope to get cards out to not only you, but the rest of my fellow bloggers, real soon. 

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