Monday, June 16, 2014

Another Blaster, Similar Results

I succumbed and bought another blaster box of Series 2. Those $5.00 off coupons make my mind up for me, but I'm not complaining. The blaster boxes do come with the guaranteed manu-relic which still fetch decent money on eBay around this time. 

In fact, I flipped this Jose Canseco manu-relic I pulled for $10.00 only hours after posting it online. So this blaster box really only cost me $5.00 plus tax at the end of the day. I'd do that deal again in a heartbeat.

However, like the previous blaster box of Series 2 which I highlighted a few days ago, this blaster box was short on Dodgers. It is frustrating, but I am trying to complete the base set (as well as the minis) so it isn't all that heartbreaking to me.

This was the first Dodger I pulled. Considering it is one of my favorite cards from Flagship this year, I'll take it. I will be on the lookout for more parallels of this card.

I also managed to pull a red parallel of Series 2 cover boy, Clayton Kershaw. This is the first time to my knowledge that a Dodger was the only player featured on the cover of Flagship, at least in the past few years.

I am a huge fan of this card and you may notice a pattern of the cards I tend to like. They are all horizontal.

I am still displeased with Topps decision to continue the generic up-close shots but every horizontal card I have seen so far has been gold. Hopefully Topps can continue this in Update Series. 

Strangely, I did not pull any Dodger base cards. I did, however, pull this sweet insert of the Dodgers ace. I am a big fan of sabermetrics, and stats all together, so I do enjoy this insert set. I wouldn't mind adding a few more of these. 

I may not have pulled anymore Dodgers, but I did pull another red parallel of one of my PC's. Big Papi is featured on this sweet card (another horizontal shot!) which happens to be the red parallel. I tend to gravitate toward the blue parallels, but red works great with Ortiz.

While I was picking out a blaster box, my buddy Dikran picked up a rack pack of 2014 Panini Prizm. There were no real noteworthy cards in the pack, but Dikran continued his trend of good luck with the bonus refractors. 

I don't know how he manages to pull so many great cards, while I am generally stuck with dud packs. Duds in the sense that there are usually very few Dodgers, hits, or players I collect in general. Either way, I am glad he is my partner in crime because this beauty is now in my possession. The card is extremely shiny in person, so I will give the usual disclaimer that the scan does not do the card justice. 

My 2014 Series Two Want List is live, as well as my Minis Want List. I have bought two blasters and a rack pack (you guessed it, a dud as far as Dodgers go), and am left with only about 10 dupes. At least Topps has had decent collation. 

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