Friday, June 13, 2014

Opening Up Some Series Two

My trunk has been full of empty cans and bottles I picked up from my grandma's house for about a month. Recycling for the win! Anyways, I decided today would be the day to take the time to head down to the recycling center and trade them in for some cash. $11.76 later, I headed off to Target to pick up a blaster box of the newly released 2014 Topps Series 2.

I have been shying away from blaster boxes ever since Nick of Dime Boxes noted that rack packs were the much better deal, but I had a $5.00 off coupon from a blaster I bought from Series 1. Let's take a look at what I managed to pull.

Every blaster box comes with one of these fake patch things, and I happened to get the reigning NL MVP. I noticed that blaster boxes don't denote the odds of pulling autos or relics, so I guess they throw these in instead. I guess it is a fair trade off, as these things can generally be sold for a few bucks on eBay. That is where this one is right now

I also managed to pull a Nolan Arrenado Future Stars photo variation. Other than the #'d parallels, these seem to be the most valuable things to come out of blaster boxes. Contrary to many of the SP's Topps has been putting out lately, I do enjoy the photo variations for the Future Stars. This card joins McCutchen on eBay, as I try to recoup some of my money. 

I only pulled two Dodgers from the blaster, but this one is fantastic. As I was opening the packs I was getting bored looking at the same close-up action shots that we've already seen in Opening Day. However, this card definitely stood out and is in the early running for the best card from Series Two. But then again, I have a ton of cards I still need to get my hands on. 

The fact that I am only showing off four cards goes to show how lackluster the box I bought was. This red Brian Wilson was a pretty cool pull though. The embattled reliever is having a tough go at it in 2014, but I have hope he can get back to being an effective piece out of the Dodgers pen. I am over going for the numerous parallels that come out, but I would add more colorful variations of this card without hesitation. 

I have only had a small taste of Series Two so far, but it is really just more of the same. There are a few cards that stand out, but for the most part there is nothing very exciting. I have seen a few of the other Dodger cards on other blogs, so those leave me with hope. 

I will post the red parallels, as well as the inserts I have for trade sometime in the next few days. You can reach out to me earlier if you are looking for something specific.

As usual, I will try and complete the base set, as well as the mini subset, and my want list should be up soon. I am working on it now, so it may be live by the time I post this in the morning. *Yawnnnnnnnn......maybe not*

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