Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Chavez Ravining Hall of Fame

I have been collecting for slightly over a year now, and I've been blogging for just about 8 months. As much as I enjoy the hobby, I have a big problem that I have been trying to deal with for quite some time. 

How should I organize my cards?

Now, don't confuse that with "How should I store my cards?" I am simply talking about how to organize/categorize the cards I do have.

Obviously player collections are my main focus, with guys like Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-Jin Ryu etc... getting a majority of the air time. Any time I pull a card from one of those guys, it gets inventoried and stuck in the player's respective binder. Of course, that is usually accompanied by a post here, but that isn't really important to this discussion. 

The problem I have been having is deciding how to store Dodger cards that don't belong to one of my numerous player collections. 

As of now, most non-Topps Flagship Dodgers (and non PC players) are sitting inside a couple of 1000 count boxes next to my desk. I don't value these cards less than any other piece of cardboard, hits aside, but I have been avoiding the prospect of sorting them. We all know that sorting isn't the most exciting activity out there. 

I decided I wanted to tackle this huge project piece by piece. So that is why I decided to create the Chavez Ravining Hall of Fame. I mean, if any cards deserve to be pried from their cardboard box tomb, it's the Hall of Famers. 

However, I am not talking about the Hall of Famers enshrined in Cooperstown. No, no, no. I am starting my own Hall of Fame, composed primarily of Dodgers.

I've longed wanted to have a binder full of Dodger legends, but it has taken me 8 months to get around to it. 

So here's the deal. We all know that Hall of Famers are voted into Cooperstown, so my version of the HOF will do the same. 

But I am not relying on ill-informed newspaper reporters to do the voting. That honor will be bequeathed to you, the readers. 

Now here is what you need to know.
  • I will release a list consisting of about 5 players every month. 
  • You will then vote on which player deserves to be enshrined into the Chavez Ravining Hall of Fame. 
  • The top voter will then be forever enshrined in the CR HOF. 
  • That player will then have a victory lap on my blog, in which I highlight all of their cards in my possession. 
Simple enough, right?

Now that you know what this is all about, let me introduce the inaugural class of Chavez Ravining Hall of Famers. I decided on the first two members on my own, but I guarantee that they would have been the first two voted in regardless.

 Voting on the next Hall of Famer will begin within the next few days. You can always check out the brand spanking new, Chavez Ravining HOF page at the top of the page. 

Jackie Robinson 2B/3B/OF (1947-1956) 
Career Stats: .311/.409/.474, 1518 Hits, 137 Home Runs, 734 RBI's, 197 Stolen Bases, 61.5 WAR
Career Achievements: 1947 Rookie of the Year, 1949 NL MVP, 1949 Batting Title, 6x All-Star

Sandy Koufax P (1955-1966)
Career Stats: 165 Wins, 2.76 ERA, 137 Complete Games, 2396 Strikeouts, 9.3 K/9, 53.2 WAR
Career Achievements: 3x Cy Young Winner, 1963 NL MVP, 6x All-Star, 1963 and 1965 WS MVP 

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