Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sometimes You Just Can't Win

I typically have very few problems when shipping out bubble mailers to trade partners or eBay buyers. Nonetheless, I have been frustrated over the past two days after I ran into some problems on Sunday night.

I have started to print all of my labels out online using Paypal. It is cheaper than going to the post office, not to mention it saves gas as well as time waiting in line. I don't miss dealing with the nasty people down there either. 

Sunday night I got 15 bubble mailers ready to mail out and all I needed to do was purchase and print out the labels. After purchasing the first one my printer decided to run out of ink and I was left with half of a label. 

I decided to go ahead and purchase the rest of the labels with the intention of buying more ink yesterday and printing them at my buddy Dikran's house before we headed off to class. That plan never came to fruition as I noticed one of the tires on my car was flat. 

There was a decent sized nail stuck in it, but it was a slow leak and was okay to drive to town after filling up the tire with air. I was not going to have time to go to the tire shop to have the tire fixed, so I headed over to my Dikran's house to print the labels and leave for class. 

Long story short, Dikran's alarm didn't go off (!), and I was waiting outside of his house for about 30 mins while he was in a trance. 96 degree whether isn't fun when you're wearing black. 

By the time he decided to wake up from his hibernation, we had to rush out of the door to make it to class on time. 

I was able to go to Target and pick up some printer ink after class, but immediately after drove to Santa Cruz to pick up my friend who just finished class for the year. By the time I got back home (1 am), my 24 hours to re-print the labels I purchased was over, forcing me to void them all. Now that they are voided, I have to wait 15 business days for the USPS to issue me a refund. $35.00 out the door, at least for the time being.

The moral of the story is packages will be delayed a few days until I get paid again. Losing $35.00 as a college student who only works part-time is not the best situation, but cards will be out soon.

Sorry for the long rant about my bad luck, but you can rest assured that I feel good getting the whole ordeal out of my system. 

Of course, my day could have been worse. I send my deepest sympathies to the Gwynn family after the passing of "Mr. Padre", Tony Gwynn. Though I don't recall him as a player, I am more than familiar with his numerous accomplishments in the baseball world. RIP.


On to happier news, I received a card I bought last week in the mail yesterday. 

I picked this up for a few bucks, a deal I would do again in a heartbeat. I love my blue refractors, and the '42' scribbled all over is a cool touch. What makes this even better is the fact that the card is limited to just 42 copies, with this being copy number 18. Matty Ice has been hot as of late, so for his sake I hope we see a jump in the price of his cardboard. 

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