Monday, June 2, 2014


Last week I introduced my new PC of Manny Ramirez. Not long after, I had completed a trade with Adam, who runs/ran, Thoughts and Sox. He doesn't really update the blog anymore, but he does have up-to-date wantlists on there. 

Anyways, let me highlight some of my favorites from the trade.

I received a large array of Manny's from Adam, but this is definitely my favorite. I guess you can call this Manny's true rookie card, and it is a dandy. It isn't often you see Youth Service League jersey's on cards, so this a pretty cool. I had not seen this one before it arrived in my mailbox, so that is a plus.

Continuing on with the rookie cards, this comes from 1993 Upper Deck. It is sort of hard for me to fathom that Manny was mashing as a rookie the year I was born. Unlike many other sports, great baseball players generally have very long careers. 

Another Manny rookie, and a somewhat interesting addition to the PC. I have seen similar Bowman cards as this one, but never knew Manny had a card in "street clothes". The scan came out pretty crappy, although it happened with all of the Manny cards in this post for some reason. Although this appears to be a rookie, it is actually a Bowman Chrome reprint. 

Take a look at this sweet dual relic. The amount of Manny hits I have increased dramatically after this trade, but this relic may take the cake. I love me some jersey/bat relic combos, so this is a great addition.

Although I just said that the previous relic may be my favorite, I am allowed to change my mind. This sweet card is my favorite relic Adam sent my way. The scan showed up a little blue, but this is just a standard refractor. The card is clean all around, and the design is absolutely beautiful. It has a retro-ish feel to it, something I definitely enjoy. A large chunk of wood makes the card all the better.

It was really tough picking a favorite card when I was sent so many great ones. This one is also great looking, too bad Upper Deck doesn't make baseball products anymore.

The final relic sent my way comes from 2004 Fleer Ultra. At first glance, I thought this was a Carlos Lee Astros card, but it does in fact feature Manny. Probably not my favorite design out there, especially considering all the free space, but a cool piece to add to the PC. 

I really need to stop picking favorites because this card is right up there. I have never laid eyes on an UD XPonential card, but apparently I have been missing out. Hopefully there are some Dodgers out there that I can pick up in the future. 

Because of my demanding schedule of school and work lately, I have been unable to put a ton of time into the blog. I feel like I rushed this post, but I guess I can attribute it to the schedule change. Thankfully, I am only taking the four week Calculus class, so I only have three more weeks of non-stop math. I will be light ont he posts over the next few weeks, but I have been trying to update the blog's many pages etc.. in the meantime. I also have some contest ideas, but you will have to wait until I am out of class for those. 

Thanks again Adam! I definitely owe you some serious Red Sox cardboard. 

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