Thursday, June 19, 2014


Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the Dodger game last night. Considering I bought, I figured I would have the time to watch some more of my boys in blue, but that hasn't happened yet. School ends tomorrow, so hopefully that will free up some time.

But that isn't what I am here to talk about. Clayton Edward Kershaw threw a freaking Perfe.....No-Hitter last night!


Josh Beckett threw one just a few weeks ago, but Kershaw's just means so much more to me, and probably a good chunk of Dodger fans. I could talk about the game, but chances are you were either watching or have seen plenty of highlights last nights magical performance.

Instead, I will show off my Clayton Kershaw collection. I would have loved to feature a my first Kershaw auto, but I haven't had the money to buy an one yet. I may have been priced out of Kershaw autos for a little bit, but I am confident I will get my hands on one. But when, when I you get one?

Without further adieu, enjoy the some of my favorite cards of Kid K. 


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