Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I completed my third trade with Nate of Big 44 Sports Card late last week. Like seemingly everybody I've made a deal with in the past month, I have yet to send out a return care package. The good news is that those packages will be sent out Friday. No really. I get paid and I feel horrible not getting them out sooner. There are going to be plenty of happy bloggers in about a week. 

Anyways, Nate and I decided to do a PWE swap (my first), so this won't be a super long post for you to trudge through.

This card started the whole deal. I was extremely excited when I saw Nate post it on his blog and I was sure to be the recipient of such a sweet mini. This one heads to my Kemp binder, so I will need another for my Mini Set.

Nate topped of the PWE with three base cards from 2014 Topps S2 that were welcomed with open arms. Topps continued their trend of creating great looking horizontal cards, and uninspiring vertical ones. I still need 9 more cards to complete the team set for S2, so check out my needs here (scroll to the bottom). 

Thanks again for the trade Nate!

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