Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trade with A Swing and a Hit: 42

I completed my third trade with Nathan of A Swing and a Hit. You can see our first swap here, and our second here

Nathan primarily collects the Astros, but also enjoys picking up Red Sox and Brewers cardboard as well. I actually sent cards to him yesterday in return for the great stuff he sent over my way.

First up is this sweet Beltre from the new 2014 Donruss set. I enjoy the look of these Diamond King inserts, but I pretty much have all the ones I had my eyes set on. With the acquisition of this card, my Adrian Beltre PC is up to 83 cards.

Accompanying that Beltre was this sweet Yasiel Puig from the same set. This particular Puig comes in the form of the slightly rarer Studio insert. I am a big fan of the Studio design, but I haven't checked the set list to see if there are any other Dodgers out there. 

Although the Puig and and Beltre cards were nice additions, this trade package was dominated by some sweet Jackie Robinson cardboard. Take the above Jackie card for example.

Also included was this awesome 2012 Gypsy Queen blue framed card of Jackie. It happens to be #'d 112/599, which made me think about how awesome it would be to own a card of Robinson's that is #'d 42/out of something. 

As if a #'d card of number 42 wasn't enough, Nathan tossed in this sweet manu-patch. It is my first Jackie patch, and probably the closest I'll come to owning any type of Robinson relic for a while. 

Thanks again for trade Nathan! Hope you enjoy the cards I sent your way.

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