Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trade with A Swing and a Hit: Fulfilling my NFL Needs

I completed my first official trade with Nathan from A Swing and a Hit. Nathan and I have swapped cards in the past, but nothing during the time in which I've had this blog. Nathan runs A Swing and a Hit, which is an awesome blog name by the way, though he hasn't updated it in a while. Like it does with a lot of us, life gets in the way. He told me he plans on starting again soon, so watch out blogosphere. 

This trade was primarily football based, but I did get a few Dodgers. 

Nope, your not looking at the same card. Topps decided to go with a nearly identical photo for the Dodgers lefties though. Both cards will be inserted into their respective PC's, and I hope to get a second set for my mini set from Update Series. 

Here a few awesome Colts cards of T.Y Hitlon, Andrew Luck, and Reggie Wayne. I don't like football cards as much as baseball cards, but that's probably because I don't like football as much as I like baseball.

I do like the minis that are in a few of the football products though. I believe this comes from the standard Topps football. 

I was also able to add to my Andrew Luck collection, though the card on the right is a little weird. Speaking of Luck.....

....Denver Broncos QB, Peyton Manning could have used some after the Broncos disappointing Super Bowl performance on Sunday. His defense didn't do much to help him out, but best of luck to him next year. 

Nathan also threw in some other Colts cards that I never got around to scanning, including some cool Marvin Harrison cardboard. In addition to helping my Colts needs, he helped out my cousins needs for Dolphins cards, specifically Ryan Tannehill. 

I did get another Dodger card in the trade, though I haven't show it yet. It will be part of my inaugural post about a new page on the site. If I ever sit down and make it. 

Thanks again for the trade Nathan! I hope to see you back blogging soon. 

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