Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trade with A Swing and a Hit: Some Colorful Dodgers and Some Mini Collection Hits

I completed my (according to my blog) second trade with Nathan of A Swing and a Hit. In actuality, we have made numerous trades but I don't know how many exactly.

School has been incredibly time consuming lately and has nearly made me insane. I seem to always be in a constant rush and I have been forgetting a ton of stuff too. Spring Break is right around the corner though, so hopefully that will give me time to recharge my batteries. 

The scan above is evidence of my descent into madness. I guess I should make sure that I set the cards up on my scanner before clicking on that scan button.

The highlights of this trade were these two cards. Both were needs for my 2014 Dodger Parallel quest. I am simply going for the retail parallels, but it is honestly not big on my list of priorities. If you have any laying around, I will gladly take them off of your hands. 

Along with the Dodgers, I received a fair share of Celebrating on the Mound from Nathan. This one stood out the most to me which is why I scanned it. 

Along with some Celebrating on the Mound cards, I picked up some new Pimping Dingers cards. This shot of Josh Hamilton perfectly captures what I am looking for in my Pimping Dingers mini collection. I have received some Pimping Dingers cards in just about every trade I have made over the past few weeks, and so far so good. They all fit into the collection. I hope to have a larger post on the cards I have acquired soon, but for now they will be stacked together on my card desk.

Thanks again for the trade Nathan! I am just getting to posting this, yet we have another trade in the works. 

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