Thursday, October 16, 2014

#10: Paul Molitor

#10: Paul Molitor - Milwuakee Brewers

The following passage comes from the great Tony L. of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

Molitor spent only 64 games in the minor leagues in 1977 after being drafted in the first round out of the University of Minnesota by the Milwaukee Brewers with the 3rd pick overall in the 1977 June Draft. In 1978, while Robin Yount either was holding out or was honestly deciding whether to become a professional golfer instead of a baseball player, the Brewers needed a player to start at shortstop. As a result, Molitor jumped directly from the Midwest League to the major leagues and never returned except for injury rehab.  As a Brewer, Molitor racked up nearly 2300 hits over 15 years with a .303/.367/.444 slash line. After the 1992 season and in the wake of acrimonious contract dealings when he signed his previous contract, Molitor left and went to Toronto where, at the age of 36, he won his only World Series Title and won the World Series MVP award. After three seasons in Toronto, Molitor finished his career with his hometown team, the Minnesota Twins.  He finished his career with 3,319 hits and a .306/.369/.448 slash line in 21 seasons, and he was deservedly inaugurated into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004, the first time he appeared on the ballot, with 85.2% of the vote.

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