Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look Back at my 2014 Goals feat. Barry Bonds

On this date one year ago, I established nine goals to accomplish in 2014. Let's take a look at each one of those goals and grade how I did. I'll be posting my 2015 goals early next week.

1. Keep an Updated Blog List
Well, I guess I did alright. I have quite a few blogs on my Blog List, and I know I added a few in 2014. However, I know there are quite a few blogs I visit regularly that are not on here. If you aren't on the list and would like to be, just leave me a comment.

Grade: C+

2. Track Chavez Code Points Better
Hahahahaha. Nope. It only took me a few months to get rid of that due to the difficulty associated with its upkeep. It was a pretty cool idea though.

Grade: F-

3. Reach 200 Matt Kemp cards
Hey, I actually accomplished this! It was on the last day of the year, but I still did it. It was quite a fun ride getting to 200 and I look forward to grabbing more for my PC.

Grade: A+

4. Own 15 Matt Kemp Autographs
Yep. Though only 13 have been shown on the blog. I guess that warrants a bit of a markdown. Look for numbers 14 and 15 soon.

Grade: A-

5. Complete the 2013 Topps Chrome Rainbow for Matt Kemp
The first sentence accompanying this goal was, "This one depends on the availability of the cards, more than my desire to get it done," and boy did that ring true. I missed out on the camo refractor of Kemp early in 2014, and apparently I missed another one that only sold for two bucks in November. I still need five more refractors (Red, Camo, Pink, Atomic, Super), so the chances of this ever being completed are slim. It is a HUGE goal of mine though, so I will drag this goal onto 2015.

Grade: Incomplete

6. Complete 2014 Flagship Before 2015 Comes Out
Well, that was the plan. I finished Series One within a month of its release, came pretty close to finishing off Series Two, but then ditched my set building in an effort to save some time, space, and money. I feel I would have accomplished it had I not gave up on set building, but here we are.

Grade: C-

7. Put Together Every Dodgers Team Set from 2014
Looking back at these goals have led me to realize the difference in my collecting habits only one short year ago. I am focusing more on my small group of PC's nowadays (Kemp, Kershaw, Green, Beltre, Ryu, Bills, Harper, Puig), so this one was doomed when I changed my collecting habits in the summer.

Grade: F

8. Have 75 Followers on the Blog 
I started out the year at 22 followers, so considering I am at 88 followers now, I think I did pretty good.

Grade: A+

9. More Dodger Bobbleheads
I had five at at the time, and I now have twelve.

Grade: A+

Overall, I think I did alright. Some goals didn't work out due to a big change in my collecting habits, so I don't feel too bad. Others I just sucked at following through. It was fun to look back and see how I did, and I hope to have some of the same success in 2015.

Overall Grade: C+


I couldn't post this without an accompanying card, so here is a card I picked up in one of my latest trades. 

This card came courtesy of Caitlin over at Yankees and Jays. You can see what I sent her here

This may be the only time I ever intentionally trade for Giant, so soak it in. Barry Bonds is the greatest player of my generation (though many people may argue that), and I am happy to add a cool looking card of the Home Run King to my collection. The relic on this piece is particularly weird, and it feels a bit like foam to me. I'm not sure if it is specific to my copy of the card only, but it is still pretty jazzy. 

Thanks again, Caitlin!

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