Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Collecting Goals

I wasn't planning on doing a post like this, but after thinking about I decided it would be a good idea. I am not only alerting you what my goals are, but I'm actually writing them down which may motivate me. 

I have had this blog for about two months now and it has gone better than I ever could have imagined. I have met some great people since starting, and I can't wait to meet more in the future.  Of course, I haven't met these people in person, but you get the idea. 

Other blogs have a great influence on what I do on mine, and I look forward to more great ideas. I would like to stay as original as possible, but some ideas are to good to pass up on. Great blogs that have helped me out include Dodger PenguinPlaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle, and My Cardboard Habit. Of course these are not the only great blogs out there. There are numerous blogs that put out great content which brings me to my first goal of 2014.

1. Keep an Updated Blog List
I tend to keep things pretty up to date, though I notice I have been lagging a bit lately. It is probably due to the holidays more than anything else, but being behind puts a sour taste in my mouth. I will try to add every card blog I visit to the page, as long as it seems to be updated semi-regularly. Please leave a link to your blog in the comments if you would like to be added. I will add blogs myself, but if you notice your not on the list just let me know.

2. Track Chavez Code Points Better
I think I am doing a decent job right now, but my system can be improved. I basically add points to each of your accounts as I write about it here or on twitter, but as a human I can make the occasional error. It may take some trying, but I will do my best to make the Chavez Code as accurate as it can possibly be.

Those are my goals that cannot really be tracked. There is no specific number in mind with those goals, just an overall desire to improve.

3. Reach 200 Matt Kemp cards
This may be a bit difficult. There are only so many cards out there, but with the Bison at an all-time low, now is the perfect time to capitalize. Greg, aka Argyled Plaschke, has 297 Kemps in his collection right now, so my goal of 200 is not that far-fetched. 

4. Own 15 Matt Kemp Autographs
This one ties in with the goal right above. His stuff is cheap right now, and I need to capitalize. Fifteen overall autos isn't too out there. I have two autos at the moment, so adding more is a must.

5. Complete the 2013 Topps Chrome Rainbow for Matt Kemp
This one depends on the availability of the cards, more than my desire to get it done. I should be the proud owner of the camo parallel but lost that in a fluke eBay accident last week. If the remaining cards are posted, I'll do my best to get them. I guess my budget plays a big part in this as well, but if the cards pop up, I'll find a way to pay. Probably not the super-fractor though. I'm no Mr. Burns.

6. Complete 2014 Flagship Before 2015 Comes Out
I got a late jump on 2013 Topps flagship, only starting to put the sets together in early November. I hope to complete 2013 before the release of 2014 in a little under a month. I have a stack of cards on my desk to go through, something that will probably done after writing this post. 

7. Put Together Every Dodgers Team Set from 2014
Not every team set of course, but the ones that matter. Flagship, Gypsy Queen, Platinum, Bowman, Chrome, Allen and Ginter's and the likes. This may also be the year that I put together my first A&G set as well. 

8. Have 75 Followers on the Blog
Another goal that seems pretty achievable. I am currently at 23, but hopefully that number will go up.  I hope to continue to put out decent content for you to enjoy. It seems like my contests draw in a lot of views, which I hope to turn to readers. Either way the weekly contests will continue for as long as this blog is in existence. 

9. More Dodger Bobbleheads
To finish off my 2014 goals, I'd like to acquire more Dodger bobble heads. I currently have 5, and another one is in route. I will probably do a post on my bobble heads sometime next week and will discuss this in more detail there.

More goals will pop up during the year, and adjust my goals accordingly. I don't think my current goals will be too hard to complete, but you never know. My main goal in 2014 is to have fun collecting. It will my first full year doing so, and I'm happy to be sharing it with you. 

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