Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Chad Billingsley PC

I've been collecting Chad Billingsley for a while now. It has sort of been a behind-the-scenes collection, with very few of my cards actually displayed here on the blog. I decided a few months ago to seriously start collecting C-Bills and planned on posting all of my cards in one post. This is that post.

As I mentioned in my Matt Kemp farewell post last week, Chad Billingsley was my favorite player at one point. This was in large part because he pitched the first game I attended in a number of years way back in 2006. It was also because he was one of the first young studs up from that fantastic Dodger system way back when. Who knows, maybe his reddish hair played a part in my fandom.

Billingsley with his smokin' hot wife.

Of course, Matt Kemp came up shortly after and my infatuation with C-Bills was never as large. But, Billingsley was always a favorite of mine. I'm still not sure why so many Dodger fans whole-heartedly hated the guy, but at least I know smart people like Greg and Matthew are fans.

A few months ago, I spilled some water on a stack of cards. Unfortunately, my Chad Billingsley cards took the majority of the beating, leaving me with very few commons. My hits were left unscathed, but it is a bit disappointing losing cards to a stupid mistake. As such, I will be looking for some Billingsley cards the next time I hit my LCS, but I'm not holding my breath. 

Without further adieu, my Chad Billingsley PC

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