Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Third Basemen Are Fun

Another day, another awesome card from my buddy Dikran. Actually, multiple cards this time around. If you haven't figured it out by now, Dikran decided to add to my Adrian Beltre PC, and today is no different. 

This time Dikran hooked it up with a pair of colored refractors from 2012 Topps Finest. The god parallel on the left is #'d /50, whereas the orange parallel on the right is #'d /99. The cards are not with me, so I don;t know the exact numbering exactly, but no biggie. 

The cards feature a great shot of the Dodgers former 3rd baseman smiling. I'd rather have him in Dodger blue, but the Dodgers seem to be doing just fine at the hot corner these days. 

I guess you can say Juan Uribe is a poor man's Adrian Beltre. They both play great defense, have solid bats, and produce awesome dugout interactions. Of course, Uribe's bat and consistency don't match up to Beltre's, but you get my point.

Beltre, like Uribe, also tends to take many hacks which yield shots like the one above. Another card from Dikran, this gold refractor #'d /50 from 2011 Topps Chrome features one of my favorite players in his awesome follow through. 

Adrian Beltre will most likely never don Dodger Blue again, but at least us Dodger fans have Juan Uribe for the next couple of years. Until Corey Seager is ready of course. 

After Uribe's horrid 2011 and 2012 seasons, who would have guessed I'd be praising him? At least those two seasons produced great meme's like this. Excuse me while I change my wallpaper. 

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