Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Randomization Results

Might as well just copy and paste from the mass email I sent out. Well, a couple of changes. 

That was pretty crappy. 

I did not have a good understanding of how to use the streaming software.  I will definitely need to figure out how to properly use it when the box break rolls around next week. I NOW HAVE THE VIDEO! OMGGG!

Skip to the 4:15 mark to see the randomization, or just save the time and look at the results below. 

Anyways. I randomized both the list of names, and the list of teams 4 times. I then just matched up the spots. I have attached pictures of both the random list of names and teams. I will also list the teams everyone received below.  

Thanks again, and sorry for the bad broadcast. 

  1. Caitlin - Rays
  2. Tony - Phillies
  3. Adam - Orioles
  4. T.J - Indians
  5. Judson - Marlins
  6. Kyle - Rockies
  7. Matthew - Twins
  8. Brady - D-Backs
  9. Brady - Royals
  10. Matt - Reds
  11. Justin - Yankees
  12. Caitlin - A's 
  13. Dikran - Padres
  14. Matthew - Braves

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