Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chavez Ravining Custom #2: Matt Kemp

It's been a long week. School started. I am still working everyday. I have a general feeling of "tiredness" simply because it is nearing the end of summer. That has led to fewer posts on my blog, but things should change soon.

I'm finally back home from work, I've settled into my school schedule, and my tutoring schedule is not too bad. All in all, I think this semester should go over well. 

But, we're here to discuss cardboard, not school. 

Wait, I lied. 

Technically, there is no cardboard in this post. Just another Chavez Ravining Custom. 

1972 Matt Kemp CR Custom #2
The second card in this series features my favorite Dodger, Matt Kemp. 

I was going back and forth on which photo to use, and ended up going with this one (found here). The picture cut off at his hand, which bugs me a bit. I do like the final product however, so it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. 

I opted to use the other photo on another design, which will probably turn out a bit better than this one. This is the second card I've made so far, and I feel like I have done a pretty decent job so far. 

Shortly after making the Kemp custom above, I decided to glorify myself on some virtual cardboard. The result?

1974 Alex Markle RC CR Custom AM-1

Meh. I only have a couple pictures of myself, so I went with the image that would most likely be found on a 1974 Topps baseball card. I guess this is considered my rookie card, though I do plan on making some more rookie cards for myself. Maybe I'll hold a vote for the best one at the end of the year? 

I hope to get some actual cardboard posted on the blog real soon, but no guarantees. Until then, enjoy the virtual stuff above!

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