Monday, August 11, 2014

A Chavez Ravining Custom

A few of my recent trade partners may have noticed a custom sketch card made specifically for them. They were crudely drawn, sometimes featured on a 3X5 card or decoy card. I have just about zero artistic ability, but I am able to draw some boorish characters similar to The Simpsons. 

I have always wanted to make my own baseball card, and those terrible sketches were just about my only way to do that. That changed when I reached out to Ernest of Dodgers Blue Heaven

I recently noticed a post in which he immortalized new Dodger, Kevin Correia, on a 1959 Topps baseball card. I reached out to him to get some info on how he makes those cards. He did me one better and sent me some of the templates he uses to make those cards.

After a couple of days of messing around with the templates in Photoshop, I proudly present to you my first creation. 

1962 Yasiel Puig CR Custom #1

Based on the 1962 Topps design, I opted to create a card of the Wild Horse for my first Chavez Ravining Custom. I was debating on wheteher or not I should used a posed photo, but went with this shot of a grumpy Yasiel Puig. Although I couldn't find the direct source for this photo, I pulled it from this Bleacher Report (blegh!) article

I plan on releasing a new card at least once a week, and creating my very own set. I am still working out the details on how I want to go about this exactly, but I will have a page for these custom cards very soon. 

I also need to purchase Photoshop. I downloaded the 30-day trial to try this out, but I am now searching for a cheap way to get my hands on this technology. I looked into getting the student edition, but everything seems to be on a monthly membership that I could do without. Any suggestions? 

If you are interested in having me make a card for you, just leave a comment or shoot me an email. I can create these pretty quickly, so long as the chosen photo doesn't give me problems. I have different templates to choose from, but my Photoshop skill is limited. 

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