Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2014 Topps Chrome Box Break Is Now Filled

My buddy Dikran decided to go ahead and claim the last spot, so the 2014 Topps Chrome Box Break is now full. Which means it is time to send your money my way. 

I am currently accepting payments through Paypal (email me if this is an issue), and my email address is

Please be sure to send the $25.00 per team as a gift

If you have questions regarding the break, or need to know the total for some reason, just shoot me an email. 

I want to get these boxes ordered asap, so I am hoping to have all payments in by this Friday night (8-22-14). However, that is not a "hard date" by any means, just email me if you need to work out payment arrangements. 

I will probably be sending out an email to everyone tonight or tomorrow as an extra reminder.  I will also be sending email updates on the break, times, rules, etc.. sometime soon. 

Thanks again!

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