Sunday, April 13, 2014

Contest Results for Both Contests......Finally

I have been so incredibly busy over the past week or so that I had to combine both contest results into one post. 

Those who landed next to 1, 7, and 22 are winners!

I forgot to that I did not want the same person taking home multiple cards. I think that splitting them up three ways is better, but of course Evan landed in both spots 1 and 7. So I randomized the list one more time, and the lucky person who landed next to 7 was.....

...Greg! Because of course it was.  That means the winners are Evan O'Brien, Greg Zakwin, and Nate Baustad. Will you three guys leave comments with which card you want. Evan gets first choice, followed by Greg, and finally Nate. You may just want to put the three you want in order and I will work it out. 

The 1st two names are the winner of this contest!

Nathan Tuttle is the winner of the 2014 Topps Heritage Blaster Box! He also takes home 250 Chavez Code Points. Jesse will be getting a goodie package of cards from me soon, as well as 150 Chavez Code Points!

Everybody that entered will be receiving at least 10 Chavez Code points, but the leader board will not be updated until late tonight. 

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