Saturday, April 5, 2014

Can't Find Heritage So I'm Extending The Contest

Some of you were expecting me to announce a winner of the 2014 Topps Heritage Blaster Box today. However, I am extending the contest.

I was planning on announcing a winner today, but Dikran and I are still searching for a blaster box of Heritage. We went to 6 different Targets and 3 Wal-Marts last night, but haven't had any luck finding one. 

So we are extending the contest until next Friday 4/11/14. If we can't find a box by then, we will either try to buy one online or give away something similar. 

Those that have already entered will be receiving 5 additional entries for entering on time. You may also receive more entries by posting a song on your blog or twitter again. Here is a rundown of the contest, copied and pasted from the original contest post.


As some of you know, my best friend Dikran is an aspiring Producer/DJ. He has been playing all types of instruments since he a little kid and he has finally decided to try and do something bigger with music. 

We have been been setting up a website for him, but in the meantime he does most of his communicating/posting through his new Facebook page.

We decided to host a contest here on the blog to help promote him, with the hopes that at least a few of you like his music. 

First things first, this contest will end this Friday (4-4-14) and a winner will be announced on Saturday (4-5-14) night.


  • The Winner will receive one Blaster Box of 2014 Topps Heritage as well as 250 Chavez Code points
  • Second Place will receive 150 Chavez Code points as well as a goodie pack of cards from me
  • All entrants will receive 10 Chavez Code points just for helping out and showing my buddy some support. If you maximize your entries and enter in all 4 possible ways, you will receive 40 Chavez Code points
Like many of my contests, you can earn multiple entries. Here's how:
  • (1 entry): Like his Facebook Page here
  • (1 entry): Follow his Soundcloud here
  • (10 entries): Share 1 song of his on Twitter
  • (10 entires): Blog about this contest on your blog

Comment on this post when you have performed one or all types of entry. 

All entries will be placed into a randomizer and the first two names after 10 randomization's will be the winners.

Have a listen to one of his songs below and thank you for taking the time to read the blog!

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