Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Contests Are Back: 3 Cards, 3 Winners

This contest, unlike others, will have three winners. The three winners will have their choice of the cards below. This contest will run until Monday, 4/7/14 until 9pm PST. A winner will be announced shortly after. 

To enter this contest just leave a comment below. You can comment once a day, and each comment is worth 1 entry. You can also email me the answer or DM me on Twitter to the question below for 5 entries:

What is the first Matt Kemp card I posted on the blog?

You may also earn one additional entry for the contest by posting about the contest on your blog. Only one entry per contest per this method though. No need to post about the contest all week. 

You can also earn an additional entry for posting about the contest on Twitter. Unlike past contests, this will only be worth one entry over the life of the contest. 

If done right, you can achieve a maximum of 19 entries. 

The entries will be randomized using They will be randomized 7 times and the lucky people that land on 1, 7, and 22 will be the winners. The person who lands on 1 will get first choice at the card, 7 will have second choice, and 22 will get the last card. 

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