Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trade With Foul Bunt: A Handful of Dodger Goodies

I completed my third trade with William from Foul Bunt. If you haven't seen William's blog yet, be sure to check it out. I just sent out his card from our last trade, so some more cards will be packaged up for him soon.

There was a large variety of Dodgers this time around, but I'll just go over a few of the standouts.

I was extremely happy to see this card mixed in for a couple of reasons. This comes from 2005 Topps, my absolute favorite set from the 2000's. I started buying my first cards in '05, so these cards hold a special place with me. Secondly, who doesn't love Hideo Nomo? I never got to really experience The Tornado, but I have a a large stack of Nomo cards I have been through numerous times. 

Up next is a new card for the Sandy Koufax PC. Like all my PC guys, the first card goes into the player binder, and the second goes toward the set. Therefore, I will need another copy of this card. I will be posting my Sandy PC sometime this week, but it will come across as a post. Blogger won't allow me to make any new pages, so I am making all of my new pages as posts ans simply linking the new page to that post. 

Two new Hanley parallels. I am debating building the team set around these parallels. I am already already building the blue and red team sets, but it's not like these will be that hard to track down. I am leaning toward building them, so If you have any let me know. 

While we're on the subject of new cards, I was able to add a new Puig to my PC. This happens to be The Future is Now insert, surely a very unique name for a card, right?

Wrong. Upper Deck released their own "The Future is Now" cards back in '94. If the future was now, then, then what does that make today? I guess if the future is now, now, then these cards are the past is now, now? Inception!

I was also privileged enough to receive these three Shawn Green cards. I already have the top '94 UD Star Rookies, but the bottom Electric Diamond version is new to me. I don't know anything about the whole Electric Diamond thing, so feel free to spread some knowledge. The '95 Pinnacle is also a new addition to the Green PC, which now sits at 40 cards.

Thanks for the cards William. Expect some O's soon. 

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