Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trade with Foul Bunt: PC, Set, and TTSP Needs

I completed my second trade with William of Foul bunt today. I received an unexpected package from William yesterday, it was only unexpected because I completely forgot about it. I will be sending some cards your way this week William. 

William started out the trade package with some much needed cards for my Topps Team Set Project. He sent primarily cards from 1987 and 1996, and I am very close to finishing off those sets. 

He also sent some set needs from 2013 Bowman Chrome, Flagship, and Topps Heritage. 

The best card of the bunch was this 1996 Topps Shawn Green. I love adding new Green cards, and the Rookie Cup is a nice touch. I was surprised I didn't have this one yet, but considering my Green PC consists of only 34 cards, I don't have a lot of his cardboard.

William also added this new Kemp card, another one I was surprised to have just added to my Kemp PC. I could tell what game Kemp's picture cam from without even reading the card. Kemp hit a walk-off homerun against the Nationals to spoil Bryce Harper's debut back in 2012. It was one of the last "good" memories a lot of Dodger fans have of Kemp considering the barrage of injuries that have plagued him since that time. Hopefully the Bison will be 100% in 2014.

Finally, William tossed in a new Ethier for me, something I need to work on more. I'll be uploading a new "Goal" page soon, if I ever get time away from school and work. My first order of business is to get an auto from all of my PC's, primary and secondary. I guess Andre is on the clock.

Thanks again William! Hope to do this a lot more.

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