Sunday, July 29, 2018

Refocusing the Collection

I've been pondering my return to collecting and blogging for a few weeks now. When I put collecting on hold a few years back, I purged a ton of my collection. I had to fit the entirety of my collection into a single plastic tote bin, forcing me to sell many of my higher-end cards, send care packages to a number of people, and donate a ton of cardboard to my local Salvation Army (I really hope those cards found a good home). That tote bin is now located about 3,200 miles away in my dad's cellar, and I haven't seen those cards in a couple of years.

I'm not entirely sure what I even have anymore. I know I kept most of my major player collections: Matt Kemp, Shawn Green, and Clayton Kershaw. I ended up moving many of my Adrian Beltre cards, and I did away with a few of my secondary PCs as well. I plan on Facetiming my dad soon to get a better idea of what I still have, and hopefully, I can get those cards shipped out to NYC asap. 

While the status of my player PCs is up in the air, I am positive that I kept around my Topps Team Set Project--that is, the Dodgers team set from every year of Flagship dating back to 1952. Considering my budget and space concerns, I figured hunkering down on this project would be a solid place to pick up collecting. 

I've been out of the game for a few years, but I have managed to pick up a few cards here and there to help my cause. And I really do mean a few. 

A pair of cards from 2018 and one from 2017. That's about all of the Dodgers I've found out of Flagship in the past few years. 

I can't say I'm the biggest fan of either design. Flagship removed the borders way back in 2016, and while I was okay with the move at the time--I was ready for something new--I'm ready for the return of borders. (I guess I should go out and buy some more Big League). These 2018 cards aren't the worst, design-wise, but the partly-masked team logos bug me a bit. Even worse, however, are the players' first names that are slightly covered by the "wave". Oh well. The rest of the design is nice. 

Buying packs of Flagship is not the best way to go about finishing (and starting) these sets, so I'm jumping back in the trade market and I may make a few purchases on COMC. I just updated my Trade Bait page, which is a little bare, but I hope to add to that after I get my collecting back in NYC. 

Jumping back into collecting is exciting, and you can probably expect a few more posts in the coming weeks in which I evaluate my collection and continue to focus it for the future. For the time being, I'm starting small. Let's build some sets! 


  1. If you want flagship from past years, I can check my trade box. Sorted by teams, so finding Dodgers will not be hard.

    Me mailing stuff out? That's the hard part. Just sit tight and let's see what I can get out before the next millennia.

    1. I mean I know it's tough seeing Kate pregnant, but you've got to pull yourself out of this funk my friend! It took me a while too.

    2. Smart move to sort by teams. I should do that now that I have a fresh start.

      And thanks for offering to send stuff my way! No ruse in getting anything out--I'm still getting settled into collecting again.

  2. Should our paths ever cross again, I have some stuff you might like!

  3. I have quite a few Topps Dodger base from the last couple years that I'd be happy to send you, shoot me your new address (nickpecucci AT gmail DOT com) and I'll start putting a Welcome Back package together!