Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crush Davis

As I have mentioned a time or two on here, my best friend Dikran is a big fan of Chris Davis. At one point, Dikran had a blog going, but it was short lived. Due to his inability to keep up with his blog, I figured I would show off some of his newest additions from time to time. 

I actually purchased this card as sort of a late Christmas gift for him. It was had for only a couple bucks cheaper than a blaster, and features a sick three-colored patch of the O's away jersey. The patch and low-numbering are sweet, but the lack of color on Davis' jersey is a bit disappointing. For a team as colorful as Baltimore, going with a black and white photoshopped jersey color is unsatisfying. Nevertheless, it is still a cool card overall and a welcome addition to my buddy's PC. 


  1. I think NT looks great, but the lack of logos makes it look sorta weak. If Panini could use logos the cards would look amazing! Nice card!

    1. I definitely agree! Thanks for the comment.