Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Justin Turner is a Ginger

As maybe a few of you know, I have red hair. Yup, I'm what the kids are calling a ginger. Basically, I have an acute case of Gingivitis.

Anyway, the disease makes me feel much closer to my ginger counterparts. Case in point, Justin Turner.

For no reason other than the fact that he has red hair (Well, his excellent luck-filled season with the Dodgers also played into this, but shhhhh...) pushed me into purchasing the sweet auto you see above. 

Unfortunately, Turner does not have any autos as a member of the Dodgers, meaning I had to go out of my way and purchase a card showing him as a Met. Although the auto is of the sticker variety, I can definitely appreciate a fellow gingers autograph. 

I may start a small Justin Turner PC. I absolutely love the guy, and his red hair is pretty awesome. If you happen to have any extra JT cards laying around, send 'em my way. 


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