Monday, December 1, 2014

A Blogger's Ransom in Cardboard Goods!

I completed my 6th trade with Dodger Penguin recently, and I got back a ton of awesome cards. I ended up sending some Dodger autos his way, but the price was worth it in my eyes. 

*Before I show off the cards, I am offering up a small prize to anyone that can figure out what the title of this post is in reference to. (Bonus if you can tell me what episode.)

I figured I would start off with my favorite card of the bunch and what is now possible one of my favorite cards in general. The card hails from 2013 Topps Heritage and, quite obviously, is the black bordered parallel. Black borders are simply the best. The 1964 design itself is great, but the intimidating scowl and the combo of black/blue/red/white make this card and instant favorite. I can't imagine how psyched I would be to find an auto'd version of this card. Maybe I will get the chance to meet Matty one of these days, so long as he doesn't get traded to the Orioles for a bag of baseballs and an injured top prospect. 

Of course, the fun didn't stop with just the sweet Kemp from Heritage. I was able to land this shiny card from 2007 Topps Finest. It is #'d 15/299, making it one of my oldest #'d Kemp cards. A finest moment indeed. 

By the way, those are cards 183 and 184 of my Matt Kemp PC. I pushing for 16 more by the end of the year. 

I've been trying to add to my moderately sized Clayton Kershaw PC. The PC is still lacking an auto, but I will eventually pony up the moola to get one. In the mean time, I was able to secure another awesome black bordered card from 2013 Topps Heritage. 

I couldn't just acquire the black bordered version of the card though. I asked Matthew to include this in the deal, which he did, and now the beauty has a new home. Although I love the blue border, it is not quite as slick looking as the black borders from this set. 

Additionally, I was able to land this awesome X-Fractor of the reigning Cy Young and MVP winner. These never turn out well in scans, but I can assure you that it looks fantastic in person. 

Speaking of left-handed pitchers that are awesome, Matthew also tossed in this refractor-y Hyun-Jin Ryu RC. The card is #'d 82/199, and it appears to have an interesting backdrop. It almost looks like someones backyard (a really big one), but is more than likely to be a side field at the Dodger sprint training complex in Arizona. I could get all forensic-y and research it, but it is 1am and I don't feel like it. 

I'll finish this post off with a sweet new addition to my small Corey Seager PC. Believe it or not, I've had this PC going since the start of the blog, but this is only my 10th card of the young stud. This is in large part due to the limited amounts of cards Seager has but also due to my thrifty spending habits.  At least I have his auto...right?

Matthew generously tosses in a few other goodies, including 2014 Bowman Chrome base cards of Ryu and Greinke. along with a 2014 Topps Museum Collection base of Sandy Koufax. 

Thanks again, Matthew! Here's to another excellent trade in the books and many more to come! 

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