Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Been Too Long

It feels good starting a post that has some real cards in it. The cards in this post come courtesy of a fellow Dodger fan and friend, Austin.

We started talking cards, baseball, and general nonsense a while back, though I don't remember when. However, I do remember we struck a deal; It has just taken me a ton of time to get around to posting.

This sweet relic of Adrian Beltre was the center of the deal, but I received something even sweeter which I'll get to in a minute. My Beltre PC is stronger than ever, now sitting at a triumphant 105 cards. That number can only go up, and with a much more narrow focus I plan on increasing that number sooner rather than later.

I also received this extremely cool Russell Martin card from 2010 A&G. Greg is right, Martin cannot take a bad picture. This is just a gorgeous piece of cardboard. Come back to LA, Russell!!

Austin also sent over a few other cards for my various Dodger PC's, but this took the cake. Austin was nice enough to send this my way just so he could clear up a little space at home. Although I am not quite old enough to have experienced Sutton pitch, I'm definitely happy to have his bobblehead (and bobblehair) in my collection. Do any other Parks and Rec fans thing he looks a bit like Councilman Jamm? 

Thanks again for all of the great stuff Austin. I look forward to our next swap!

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